Cloud backup tips for enterprises

Cloud backup tips for enterprises


The cloud has become essential to businesses, supporting them with their backup process. The truth is that backup date is one of the most important abilities of cloud computing. If you have decided to make the transition from traditional storage solutions to online data backup, you should know that you will have to face some challenges along the way. It is not that enterprise cloud backup is not reliable, but rather that it is necessary to make sure that your data is safe and to prevent troubles. Use the following tips when preparing to manage your data online.

Pay attention to vendor selection

As advantageous as cloud backup services can be, choosing the right vendor is quite a challenge. Not only is there a multitude of vendors available, but also the services vary from one another. Taking into consideration that selecting a third-party provider is one the most important decisions that you will make for your enterprise it is imperative to do your homework. You have to make efforts in order to find a vendor with which you can build a trusting relationship. More precisely, you have to look for a company that is dedicated to the cloud services and that carefully considers the needs of your business. However, this is something that you should be doing as well. Evaluate your needs and see which vendor is able to accommodate the number of files and databases you have.

Understand what the existing service covers

There is no doubt that cloud providers do a good job when it comes to protecting your business information, but attention should be paid to the fact that their action stops at some point. Be sure to understand if the provider protects your data. This basically means the vendor has to ensure the security of the data as it travels from your business over the Internet and to the server. Equally important is to have guarantee that your data will be restored in case it is lost. You should not make the mistake of thinking that the vendor will assist you should such a disaster happen.

Making backup a priority

The rule of thumb states that you have to have more than one backup, which means that copying your files and databases only once is not necessary. Some services offer continuous support for your system, but others have a predetermined plan. It is essential to set the backup to start at a certain time daily. The point is that your information should always be backed up.


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How does online scheduling software work?

How does online scheduling software work?

Nowadays, technology is present in our lives in multiple forms. From performing devices to specialized applications and pieces of software, these are all aiming to make our life easier. In the business sector, while some time ago, only great companies were implementing software solutions, at the moment things look really different. No business can exist without an automated system, be it a hair salon or restaurant, used mostly for making appointments. What is actually interesting is that lately more and more companies have stated to use this technology, regardless their field of operations. For instance, you are likely to have access to online scheduling software when making an appointment for getting a haircut, dining out, going to the dentist and so on. there are even dedicated hair salon booking applications, extremely useful both for customers and for owners. You may be wondering when traditional agendas have disappeared and how these applications are working, so read on to discover some relevant answers.


Why are booking software applications so popular?

There is a huge fuss about these apps and more and more business owners are starting to use them. In order for you to understand their benefits better, we are going to analyze the situation of hair salons. These establishments are quite crowded and were in great need for such an automated system, experts claim. While planning the upcoming schedule on paper, using a pen and an agenda, can often lead to errors, it seems that the only solution is using a booking piece of software. The product is easy to use and most importantly, it prevents double appointments and gaps during the working program. As soon as a client is scheduled, their place stay occupied and cannot be booked again, unless they give up their appointment. No more errors! In addition to accuracy, another benefit is that the application is time efficient and very easy to use!


Which are the main features of booking software?

Besides automatic schedule, the main function of booking software, the application has many others features. These are all extremely useful for business owners, who can manage their clients, keep better tracking on their services and also have a clear overview of the resources needed in the salon. These are just some of the main capabilities of hair salon booking apps and they are clearly helping streamline businesses all around the world. You should no longer worry about running out of supplies, because this software is going to keep tracking on your behalf, and inform you that you need to stock the salon. In addition to this, it also represents the perfect customer service tool. Taking into consideration that it consists in a special data base that you can use to complete all the details you consider relevant about clients: their contact details, date of birth, common services required and so on. Based on this information, you can create customized packages and other solutions, to keep them enganged.



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Bespoke software solutions – how are they developed?

Bespoke software solutions – how are they developed?

At the moment, the domain if information technology is extremely competitive: there are plenty of companies activating in the industry and the demand does not seem to register any decrease. As a consequence, it seems that no business can exist without using a set of dedicated services and solutions. Companies are taking full advantage of software solutions, as it represents the new currency for success. While when it comes to concrete products, the offers are quite similar, providing stakeholders with a qualitative customer experience is more and more dependent on software development. There is, of course, a wide selection of standard packages, but sometimes clients have more specific needs, which is why the subsector belonging to bespoke software has gained a lot of popularity lately. This means that nowadays, web development companies are able to provide custom made products, aimed to address the particular requirements of each and every of their clients.

What is bespoke software?

As with any other product, a custom made piece of software has been created, tailored and adjusted to meet the exact expectations and needs of the person (or company) that has demanded it. The resulting application is usable for a specific purpose exclusively, normally within an organisation or institution. Unlike traditional (also known as off-the-shelve) development solutions, which are more widespread and applicable to a wide variety of domains and business models, bespoke software is way more niched. The product is created only after the developer learns their clients’ needs, wants and of course budget. What is actually special is the fact that the result cannot be resold to another customer.

How are bespoke solutions created?

To begin with, it is important for you to know that custom made software solutions are not necessarily client facing, they can also solve a back office issue. If you are planning to get such services, keep in mind that the entire process starts with identifying the problem or need. After this, you have to design a bespoke database consisting in your business information, so that the developer knows what they are working for. Explain your objectives, action steps, expected results and preferred features, because this will help professionals understand what they have to do. They will assess all the data collected from you and then get to work. A skilled developer who can master a dedicated application tool will be able to create a trial product within days, so that you can test it, offer feedback and fix issues immediately.

Why is bespoke software beneficial?

To begin with, the solution has the great advantage of answering your particular needs and thus solving your specific problems. In addition to this, it gives your business a possibility to outgrown your competitors in a fast and efficient way. The personalised approach is very time and cost saving, as you get what you demand very fast and you only pay for the features you are going to use. All in all, you get to differentiate your business without wasting any resources.

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Myths about refurbished laptops everyone believe are true

Myths about refurbished laptops everyone believe are true

When it comes to buying refurbished laptops, people feel reticent and most of the times they do not even want to hear about this option, even though this way they could save a great deal of money. Over the years, people have started creating myths related to used and refurbished tech devices thinking that this way they can explain things they do not entirely understand. Whether it is about refurbished MacBooks, desktops or any other type of PCs, these myths are always the same, so here are some of them busted.

They run poorly and are slow

This is probably the #1 myth related to refurbished laptops. People’s first instinct when hearing about used and reconditioned devices is that they run poorly, which is definitely not true. There have been numerous researches that show the fact that a reconditioned model can run as smoothly as a fresh from the box one and provide the same high level of performance, which clearly makes these devices as good as their brand new counterparts.

They are more likely to break

Most people have in their mind the fact that the only reason why these devices were used and returned afterwards is that they were broken. Truth is those devices might have worked excellent when they were returned experts say, and there might be a totally different reason why previous owners decided to return those laptops.

They are simply resold junk

Another thought people have related to these refurbished laptops is that they are nothing but junk that is being resold and that has not been looked at carefully in the past. It is worth mentioning that there are numerous companies that provide reconditioning computer services and some of them are even well known refurbishers authorized by big companies such as Apple or Microsoft. What is more, it might happen sometimes for these reconditioned devices to work even better than their off-the-shelf counterparts, since the formers might have their EFI or BIOS upgraded as part of the process of refurbishment.

They do not last as long as new laptops

Many people think that it is definitely not worth investing in a refurbished laptop, because it will stop working properly after short time from buying it, which is definitely not true. It is important to know that these devices not only cost less, but they also last a very long period, and if maintained in good condition, they might even last longer than a new device.

They are someone else’s problem

A reconditioned computer is one that was returned or discarded by its owner because it was not working accordingly – this is what most people believe. They believe that the best solution is to go to a reputable tech store and buy a new laptop. However, refurbished computers are not necessarily junk and they should not be seen as someone else’s problem that wanted to get rid of it, because as it was previously mentioned, they might work excellent and might even have some upgrades that new computers do not have.

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Reach more customers with the help of your website          

Reach more customers with the help of your website          

When you have a business a website is a must have, because it is the perfect way of reaching in the top of the companies from your area. It is recommended to launch your website at the same time you launch your business, because this would offer possible clients the opportunity to find you online from the very first day. You should know that this website would represent your business in the online medium, and you have to hire a professional company to create it, and create suitable content for it, as the one provides. Many people consider that video content is able to get people’s attention rapidly, and instead of writing a text to introduce your company, you can let the specialists create you a video.

What should I know before developing the website?

The first thing you have to consider before developing your website is the type of readers you intend to reach. You should do a research and find out what type of information people are expecting to find on this type of website, and what they want to know about the services and products you are providing. Audience is the first thing you have to consider when you are designing an online platform. You should consult with the web designers and choose a template that would be loved by the audience, and they would find it easy to navigate. If you do not know what web services to choose, you can click here and find more details.

What the purpose of your website is?

When you develop a website for a company, you have to know what your purpose is, because according to it, the web designers would create it in a way suitable to meet your requirements. The website might have the role to promote your business and increase your sales, and for doing this, it would have to host content, which promotes the quality of the services, and testimonials of the clients who have used your services and are contempt with them. In case you want to use your website for simply informing people, you would have to create a content that includes plenty of details about the services you are providing and your company’s history.

Take a look at the competitors websites

When launching your website you have to understand that your company is not the only one from the industry, and other companies also promote their services through online platforms. Therefore, you should check your competitors’ websites, and in case you do not have the time or experience to do so, you can ask for the web designing company to do it for you. Also, seeing how other people have designed their website would offer you an idea on what you should include, and what mistakes you should avoid, because you will look them with a critique eye and you will be able to notice their faults. Make a list with the things you like and the ones you want to be excluded from your website and ask the developers consider them.


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What recommends a digital marketing expert?

What recommends a digital marketing expert?

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is a domain that suits most entrepreneurs, irrespective of the field they might be operating on. It is very important to collaborate with actual experts that know exactly what they are trying to accomplish and how. Otherwise, the competitive nature of the Internet might be too much for you to handle. Expert is a rather broad term, as company owners might have certain difficulties when it comes to actually hiring people to conduct the digital marketing campaigns. It is important to find out certain characteristics based on which you can search the market and identify specialists you can actually collaborate with. It is really not that difficult to find the right partner for your needs when you know what you are looking for. Simply saying that you need a digital marketing expert won’t be enough to find him or her. It will much like a search in the dark, taking a lot of time and financial resources. Long story short, here are three aspects that matter when choosing a specialist of this kind.


It might seem as a strange aspect to include in a search related to digital marketing, a fairly new domain. One could ask himself how a specialist could gain a great experience in a field that has not long appeared on the business map. Sometimes experience does not refer to time, but rather to diversity. The more projects a specialist has been part of, the greater his or her knowledge on digital marketing will be. Take a look on and notice that there are several testimonials coming from clients. These should confirm the fact that the staff working here has already been part of plenty projects, knowing its way around the world of online marketing.

Ideas, ideas, ideas

What you are mostly interested in is locating an individual that has ideas, a lot of them. The internet is competitive, but at the same time, this domain encourages creativity and imagination. The more you have of it, the better. So, when seeking for such an expert to add to your current staff, you should focus on individuals that have ideas. You can either make the candidates take a test and take your chance with one that is creative, but less experienced or you can take a look over the projects he or she has been part of and convince yourself of how much creativity has been used.

A bit of knowledge

This is actually an understatement, because the expert that will be working for you should have a lot of knowledge. The more informed he or she is, the better it will be for your company. Make sure that the expert knows exactly what techniques exist and which ones are suitable for your type of business. The Internet is just as generous with promoting techniques as it is with rewarding businesses that function. So, make absolutely sure that the specialist you will be hiring to promote your business knows exactly how to do it, accomplishing all set goals.

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