How is technology influencing HR?

How is technology influencing HR?

Technological evolution has revolutionised almost any aspect of our lives, from human interaction to purchasing goods and services. Cell phones, internet and computers have contributed to a new context where everything takes place by the means of innovative devices and strategies. This has also happened in the HR sector, where more and more processes are now performed through specialised systems and tools. It is still not known how this is going to affect the domain, but apparently the changes are positive. However, even if some people consider that technology is going to replace the human element in human resources, this is not actually true, since it is not aimed to eliminate processes, but rather streamline them. Here are some examples of useful innovation in HR, which have been made possible due to technological evolution. These will help you understand which the most popular current trends are and how you can take advantage of them:


  1. Virtual profiles

The social media is probably one of the most developed branches of marketing and virtual communication. There are special platforms for almost any category of users, and the job market is no exception. These work as same as any virtual social network, except that your profile is used by employers to find out professional details about you. If you will, you could say that these are similar to virtual CVs. The only difference is that you do not have to apply for a particular job, because anyone can see your profile and decide whether you are suitable for their vacancies or not. This type of platforms is extremely useful when it comes to headhunting, because they offer employers access to relevant details about a large number of potential candidates.


  1. Online advertising platforms

Whether you are looking for pharmacist jobs, sales positions or any other post in the medical sector and not only, you are likely to find these on dedicated online platforms, in charge with promoting vacancies. These web sites work as mediators between employers and potential employees. On the one hand, they support employers by advertising their offers and giving them access to a large pool of applicants, while on the other hand, they help candidates choose from the most diverse job offers. It seems that gradually, these have replaced newspaper, TV and other job advertising methods.


  1. Online recruitment

When it comes to HR processes, recruitment is probably the sub domain that has been the most significantly impacted by technology. And besides screening and job advertising, maybe the most important part is the actual selection. Online interviews, for instance, are more and more popular nowadays and this is something beneficial for both parties involved in selection. It allows candidates to apply for posts that are located in another city and even country, thus providing more flexibility and convenience. All in all technology has made recruiting more efficient and effective.

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Why are levitating speakers such a popular choice?

Why are levitating speakers such a popular choice?

Even though it might be hard to believe, all these technological advances have brought major changes in all possible domains, thus leaving not a single thing untouched by technology. This is the case of speakers too. People have managed to design bluetooth speakers that are capable to levitate and more and more people have decided to replace their out of fashion and bulky speakers with these portable ones. Websites such as can be a good source to read reliable reviews about various levitating speakers. Below are the main reasons why people have decided to choose these bluetooth levitating speakers instead of the bigger ones in the past few years.

They are wireless

One of the most important things about these products is that they are wireless. They do not require a bunch of wires in order to work and they do not occupy too much space in the room either, since these speakers are quite small and lightweight and they can be placed even on a desk. These speakers can help you get rid of all those wires that were widespread all over the room each time you had some friends invited at your place. In order to connect these devices to any smartphone or tablet device, you simply have to activate the bluetooth connection and pair the devices. Most levitating speakers have at least the 4.0 bluetooth version, thus making them compatible with android or iOs devices.

They levitate!

In case you are in love with technology and out of the ordinary gadgets, then this levitating speaker should not miss from your collection. The device is specifically designed to attract anyone’s attention and this is actually possible through the levitating effect. These speakers have built-in magnets, both in the speaker orb and the base. These magnets reject each other the moment the two parts are placed in a specific position, thus creating the amazing levitating effect. It is true that it might take some time until you learn how to make the orb levitate, since you have to hold it for a few seconds in a specific way, but the wait is totally worth it. Having a levitating speaker in your own living room or kitchen can now be possible. The price range of these devices is quite accessible compared to other bigger speakers available on the market.

High quality sound

The principle onto which most of these levitating speakers are based is to offer the highest quality sound. These devices have no “back” of the speaker and as a result, the sound is equally projected all over the room. This 360-degree sound projection is something that anyone would want at any party. No matter where you are in the room, you can hear the music loud and clear at the same high quality.

Overall, these are only a few reasons why people have chosen these bluetooth levitating speakers more and more instead of other speakers in the last years. Besides having an amazing design, you can listen to your favorite band at some good quality sound with these speakers.

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Three safety features you should look for in a car

Three safety features you should look for in a car

When it comes to driving, safety should be the driver’s main concern. There are so many dangers on the roads,  and you need to make sure the car you are driving is well-tuned. When purchasing a vehicle, besides the look, comfort and technical specifications, checking for its safety features is extremely important. Do not neglect this aspect, because it might cause problems in the future. Fortunately, nowadays manufacturers in the automotive industry have made improvements to the each vehicle types and specifications, and more features were added to ensure a high degree of security both for the driver and the passengers.  Make sure you research  the safety features of the vehicle you want to buy. Here are three security related elements that you need to check:


The suspension system

The suspension system plays an important role for the stability and security of a car. If you had been driving on a completely straight and neat road, you would probably not need suspensions and shock absorbers. However, since roads are somehow bumpy and curvy, the role of a powerful suspension system should not be neglected. It is the main responsible for keeping the car on the surface of the road, maximising friction between the tires and the asphalt. In addition to this, it can also smoothen the ride and eliminate shock after any type of impact. This way, the driver has better control of the vehicle and the passengers will not feel any sort of impact. That is why you need to make sure the automobile you are about to purchase has reliable SportsRyder eXtreme XA Adjustable Coil Over Sleeves, as well as efficient shock absorbers.


Seat belts

Although a lot of people tend to ignore their relevance and prefer not to wear them,  seat belts are extremely important. In the event of a car crash or a minor accident that affects the vehicle, these straps are aimed to keep you inside the vehicle, close to your chair. This is what a properly installed belt has to do, but keep in mind that this is not always enough to protect you from injuries. Needless to say, they reduce the risk of you colliding with the steering wheel, windshield or dashboard. During the test drive, make sure the belts are easily adjustable, flexible and also resistant.


Built-in airbags

Besides the seat belts, another element specially designed to secure the driver and the passengers during a car crash is represented by airbags. These are integrated in the body of the automobile, and offer protection in the event of a serious impact, but are not supposed to replace seat belts. Airbags can be a real life saver during frontal impacts, so make sure the vehicle has them.



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Here is everything you need to know about gaskets

Here is everything you need to know about gaskets

Gaskets are versatile and resilient mechanical seals, yet they are significantly undervalued. What a seal does is ensure the function and durability of your car. Practically, it plays the most important role in the performance of your car: not only does it protect the interior components from impurities, but it also prevents these impurities from polluting the environment. Although mechanical seals are mainly used in the automotive industry, the need for strong seals is also present in other industries as well. To convince yourself, visit and find out where are gaskets needed so desperately. But since mechanical seals are such an important car component, you should be learning more about its function.

What a gasket is used for

Gaskets are commonly referred to as ‘joints’ or ‘seals’ and their role is to create a seal between two parts. This means that the mechanical seal can prevent both gas and fluids from leaking during high temperatures or even pressure changes.  The seals are usually placed between surfaces that are brought together and that cannot form a tight covering on their own. In order to ensure a tight seal, gaskets have to be compatible with the joining surfaces, reason why most of times soft materials like rubber are used.

Types of gaskets according to material

As a general rule, mechanical seals inherit the properties of the materials from which they are manufactured. The materials are selected based on the ability to withstand certain chemicals (like acids) or extreme temperatures and pressure. The most common types of gaskets are:

– Rubber gaskets are made from a wide range of elastomers, including neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and of course natural rubber. Mechanical seals manufactured from soft materials are generally used for applications such as pipes, heat exchangers and manways.

– Cork gaskets offer a higher degree of flexibility and compression. This is why they are used for applications that involve oil, solvents or fuel.

– Non-asbestos gaskets are made from compressed fibres combined with an elastomer binding. Common applications include steam water, acid and oil.

Industries in which gaskets are used

The reason why the vast majority of people do not appreciate gaskets like they should is that they are probably unaware of the importance that they have. Since seals can perform a number of functions, they are used to a high extent in industries such as the automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronic. Mechanical seals keep foreign objects away from the operating mechanism.  However, mechanical seals are successfully used for engines or pumps. They ensure that the parts are perfectly sealed and that the engine’s performance is not disrupted.

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Original print heads – the key to quality prints

Original print heads – the key to quality prints


Print heads are the most important element of any wide format printer, the quality of the prints depending on it. Regardless for what you are using your printer, either personal use or for business purposes, you probably want to benefit from great results in terms of prints. Opting for an original print head for your printer, such as Spectra Galaxy 256 30 pl print head, can significantly improve the resolution of your prints. If you have noticed that your printer does not offer you the high quality results it used to, then perhaps it is time to replace your print head.



Opting for an original print head of high quality can seem expensive at first, but the investment is certainly worth it, especially if you are using your printer on a regular basis. The performance of your printing device depends primarily on the print head’s characteristics and features. This is the main reason why purchasing an original item over a counterfeit one is the best option. A reliable supplier will put at your disposal a wide range of quality print heads that can be suitable for different environments, either commercial or industrial, being an adequate choice for personal usage as well.

Ink compatibility

If you have noticed that the quality of your prints is starting slowly to decrease, even if you only use top quality ink, then the problem certainly comes from the print head. Either you have chosen a cheaper item or you have not replaced it in a long period of time, making a new investment is necessary if you want the printing results to meet your expectations. Ink compatibility is a detail that you need to pay close attention to, when making a new purchase. An original print head will offer you variety concerning this matter, and this is why opting for a cheaper alternative is not recommended. Take as an example Spectra Galaxy 256 30 pl print head, which is compatible with more than one jetting fluids, including organic solvent and UV curable. Think about what printing requirements you have, and look for a print head that can meet these needs.


One of the reasons why original print heads will always be a better choice than other alternatives is because they have properly designed features incorporated, meant to provide maximum operating efficiency. You should carefully check out all important characteristics, such as drop variation and size, nozzle diameter and spacing or viscosity range, before deciding on a particular print head. If you want to see an improvement in your photo-print quality or resolution, replacing your entire printer is not necessary, because just by reinstalling a new print head you will be able to notice a huge difference. Comprehending the great importance of this component is the first step you need to take. Therefore, if you think that your printer does not bring you acceptable results, start looking for a reliable supplier and choose an original print head that is compatible with your printer.

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Is applying at online medical job boards a waste of time?

Is applying at online medical job boards a waste of time?

People who are looking for work generally go to job boards, those types of employment offices that you would typically find in centres and even agencies. Although there is still the possibility of finding job boards in universities and employment agencies, now their listings appear mostly on the Internet, just like classified ads. These websites have grown to the point that there are numerous varieties available on the Internet. The good news is that these electronic locations are devoted to specific industries. Therefore, there are online platforms dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. These online platforms provide you the chance to search pharmacy jobs in the UK and implicitly find employment. The biggest difference between these online platforms and other similar ones is that they are effective tools for you and employers alike, since they can build a brand through the website. Nonetheless, many people agree that medical job boards are complete waste of time. So, are they?

More career opportunities than ever

While it is true that online medical job boards make money for those who are willing to post employment offers, they benefit employees as well. To be more precise, you can take advantage of the fact that employers are struggling to create a name for themselves. Such an online platform will not charge you for navigating on the website. Very few ones do and those websites who charge you if you want to look for work are not good investments. Since an online platform gathers together listings from multiple locations, you have more career opportunities. On just one site, you can search for employment offers coming from locations nearby. Equally important is that you will find important announcements only online because many companies see online posting as more cost-effective.

Now you can upload your CV

In order to convince employers that you can do a particular activity, you will have to display your skills and qualifications. In other words, you have to present your resume. While until now you could only do this by personally handing the CV to the employer, online platforms offer you the chance of uploading your CV on your profile. Therefore, when you apply for a job offer, prospective employers will get to see what you are really capable of. Not only do you prove to the manager of the hiring company that you have the necessary qualifications, but you also prove a certain level of determination.

There are fewer competitors

Nothing can be more frustrating than not receiving an email about the position that you have applied for. The biggest challenge that you have to face when searching for work is the growing number of applicants. When you are up against so many people, the chances are that you will not land your dream pharmacy job. In comparison to other employment search sites, medical job boards attract fewer competitors because the nature of the employment is not appealing to everyone. Since there is not the possibility of applying for any job on the market, the number of applicants seriously decreases, meaning that there are more opportunities for you. So, applying is not a waste of time.

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