Apple’s latest gizmo, the iPad Mini

Apple’s latest gizmo, the iPad Mini

Apple decided that it was high time for a new market attack, so specialists released iPad Mini. Even though at first Apple declared that the new tablet generation is much too small to be practical, the well known company changed its  mind and created this small, but extremely efficient tablet, which can easily compete with Amazon Kindle as well as with Google Nexus.

iPad mini appearance

Following the iPhone lookalike, the newly released tablet brings the same slim appearance, with a large display and a single button in the bottom middle position. The screen measures 7.9 inches, much smaller than the old version of the iPad, but the specialists insist that this new gadget can reveal the complete tablet experience. Believe it or not, the tablet can fit in one hand. The screen bears the same touch as all the apple products, which is the Gorilla glass, being simply unbreakable. A cool technique which the specialists thought of is that the user can hold the tablet as if it were a book, the screen being pressed with a single thumb, without  the danger that the soft will perceive a command.


iPad’s mini technical features

iPadmini- appearance

This gadget is equipped with a A5 processor, unlike the iPad 4th generation, which works on a A6X, which is much more powerful. Still, this won’t affect the proper functioning of many applications, as iPad mini does not have a high screen resolution. This way, the gizmo will respond rapidly to your commands. You might encounter problems in the future, as iPad mini might not support new coming applications. In order to view websites, the users will use the widely know Safari. Because of its small size, you have to expect a small memory as well, the gadget having only 512 RAM. The situation is different in the case of internal memory, as Apple experts equipped this gadget regardless of its size, in the same manner as the regular iPad. You have three choices at your disposal, the 16, 32 and 64 GB. As for the software, iPad mini provides the newest version of iOS 6. This way users can enjoy a great number of applications, without including the ones specially designed for iPads.


Battery life and camera performance

Ipad mini camera

Even though experts announce a battery life of 10 hours, things are a bit unclear in this department, as not much is known regarding the type of battery used. However, one thing is certain, specialists promise to keep the battery features from the famous iPad. On the other hand, the camera issue seems to be cleared up. The gadget will own a rear camera of 5MP and a front one of 1.2 MP. The pictures taken with this device are of the same quality as the ones captured with the iPhone 4S. The front camera can be used for HD video calls.


All in all, the iPad mini seems to be this year’s most awaited Apple product, as everybody is looking forward to testing the gadget. Until then, interested buyers will have to do with what they can find over the internet.


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