The biggest benefits of owning a Fitbit

The biggest benefits of owning a Fitbit

When Fitbit was first announced, many people, athletes included, where sceptical of this device. After all, how could technology and sports, two concept that seem opposites, go hand in hand? However, they were quickly proven wrong by the incredible sales of the fitness band. In as little as a few months, Fitbit become one of the best selling gadgets in its field and, surprisingly, a considerable percentage of its buyers were not athletes. They were regular people who wanted to keep their health in check and become more active. The number of sold Fitbits and fitness wrist bands keeps on growing, so what are the benefits that make them so popular?

Accurate tracking of your physical activities

The simple fact that you can see exactly how active or inactive you are makes you be more aware of your health. With fitness wrist bands, you have a clean overview of what you do every day: total steps, jogging distances, burnt calories and much more. By wearing a small device on your wrist, you no longer need someone to track what you do. All progress is added there and you can check it whenever you like. Based on this accurate data, you can set fitness goals and create an action plan. Unlike phones, Fitbits are more sensitive and record data more accurately, because you wear them on your wrist, not in your pocket.

Stay motivated

Once you set a certain goal on your Fitbit, such as walking at least 10000 steps every day, you will find it much easier to stay motivated. You will want to achieve this goal every day and stay more active. Normally, it’s easy to quit, because you cannot see actual figures telling you that you are lagging behind. But, with a tracking device, you’ll push yourself harder every day.

Cheap accessories

Fitbits aren’t expensive at all, and accessories are even more affordable. Whether you want to add new functions to your gadgets or replace a damaged accessory, you can always go online and find great discounts. For example, if your charger cable is a bit worn, you can check for a replacement. You can also find power banks, band straps, car chargers and much more.

Improve your sleeping habits

Fitbits don’t just track your movement. They also monitor your sleeping pattern, so every morning you will know exactly how much you slept and get insights on the quality of your sleep. Having this data is a great way to go improve your sleeping habits and go to bed earlier.

All-in-one device

Last, but not least, Fitbit is an all-in-one solution for all your fitness needs and, most importantly, it caters for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re just a beginner and want to start taking baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle, or an athlete looking for a device to monitor their performance, this tiny gadget will help you. Or, maybe you are simply a tech enthusiast who wants to collect the latest gadgets on the market. In any case, a Fitbit is a great investment.

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Salon software – the answer to your problems

Salon software – the answer to your problems

The beauty industry is constantly growing because people give more and more importance to their appearance and they want to make a good first impression not only when they must attend important events or they must participate in business meetings, but also when they are walking down the street. Obviously, we agree because it is fundamental to feel and exude confidence in every moment of your life. Therefore, they regularly visit and resort to the services offered by various beauty salons that can improve or completely change their look, depending on their requests. However, we should also think from the salon owner’s perspective. Besides the responsibilities of running a business, his or her job becomes more and more difficult due to the great number of clients.

The struggle

If you have accumulated experience over the years, you probably discovered certain tricks and methods that can simplify your work. However, for a beginner the situation is not the same. Even though you understand the basics of your business, you can still become overwhelmed by your responsibilities or certain situations that do not go as planned. This is understandable because you have to maintain the image and the quality of the services in your salon, know your clients and their preferences, ensure the comfort of your employees, manage every future, in progress and accomplished appointment without neglecting the inventory and your supplier. Moreover, you have to ensure the profit of your business.

The solution

When running a beauty salon, you must have a well-thought plan and perform certain tasks in order to ensure the performance and the profit, starting from the marketing and the accounting to the inventory and providing high quality services for your clients. Fortunately, there are ways that can make your mission easier and if you visit you can find out the necessary information and discover the best solution for your needs. We are all aware that as a business owner you have to deal with unexpected situations and problems that can negatively influence your position on the market and your clients’ opinions about your services. These represent obstacles that you could easily avoid or overcome by using beauty salon software with advanced features.

Choosing a software

Obviously, before choosing the right app that can satisfy your requirements you have to do a thorough research and decide what kind of help you need. First, you should be prepared to make a considerable financial investment because the software has the purpose to bring your business to the next level and guarantee successful results so you have the certainty that your money are well spent. Secondly, analyze various companies in terms of services, reliability, and professionalism and choose a trustworthy and innovative one. In addition, you must explore the benefits provided by the software and there are many. You can easily add detailed information, manage your clients’ appointments and contact them, track your inventory and boost productivity. After you find the needed answers to your questions, you can go ahead and start using software for your beauty salon.

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How did accounting software products become the good guys in business?  

How did accounting software products become the good guys in business?  


Techy guys know best: a software is always a good idea. This is the reason why many tend to invest more and more in making their employees’ jobs easier. Thus, if your accounting department is still managing the bookkeeping in the old-fashioned manner, do yourself a service and invest in accounting software, like the A1corp MYOB accounting software. Fact is, no human mind beats software. And if your business is suffering from human error (which is completely normal, don’t fire all your staff members) help them out with modern solutions. Below is the “why”.

The accounting software is your best ally

You know that your entire accounting department hates you for not offering viable solutions that could make their jobs easier, right? And they are rightful for doing so. Fact is, traditional bookkeeping is always under the prospect of human error, no matter how trained and experienced your employees are. This is just the way it is. Stress and numerous other disturbances occur in an office environment. However, if you help your employees, errors are less likely to occur. Also, if your company is in an expansion process, “maybe” is not an option. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that with a higher income increases the workload your accounting department will have to deal with. Prepare and enable them to increase their efficiency. This is the reason why those IT guys always put their efforts into creating reliable and easy to use software. Because you need more precision, more accuracy and an easier method of coping with a higher workload.

Empower your team to accomplish their mission

Your team’s mission is providing accurate work and keeping up with their daily tasks. If you choose to deal with accounting in the old-fashioned way, you will most probably disable them from reaching their full potential. You, in your company, have to be an enabler of good practices that lead to higher levels of productivity, not to cut it from roots. Those familiar with the tasks in an accounting department surely know that even data entry is difficult when it has to be done on paper, with a pencil. Not to mention the more complex tasks. No wonder that many companies are a fraud subject, not because of the lack of good practices, but because of unintended human errors. Save your company’s reputation and your employees’ careers.

Know precisely your financial situation

When you request a financial report from your accounting department, if they don’t have access to a software, they have to work solid hours for developing it. On the other hand, accounting software products have automatized processes that allow you to know precisely your financial situation. Each report is only at a few clicks away.

These are there of the reasons why that accounting software became the good guy of a business. It is precise, automatized, in a big proportion, and it reduces human error. Now you only have to decide which software works best for your company.

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Welding Versus Industrial Adhesives – A New Standard for Manufacturing?

Welding Versus Industrial Adhesives – A New Standard for Manufacturing?


All across the United Kingdom, 3M preferred convertors are finding themselves inundated with queries and requests from manufacturing businesses, looking to adopt custom adhesives into their manufacturing processes.  The reason being that as time moves forward, we are finding ourselves in an era where there’s pretty much no such thing as a joining requirement that a custom adhesive product cannot do better than any traditional method.  And given the way in which adhesives can be so much easier to use, safer to work with and cheaper to acquire, it’s little wonder so many are transitioning from traditional joining methods to bespoke adhesive products.

But what about welding?  Is it really true to say that the right custom adhesive products can replicate or even improve upon the strength, durability and quality of a welded joint?

The answer, quite surprisingly, is yes.  Even in the most heavy-duty manufacturing environments, adhesives are being brought in to not only replace, but to actually improve upon the properties of traditional welding.  Is likely to be some time (if ever) that welding is ousted from manufacturing settings entirely, but the rate at which it is being replaced in many instances is quite incredible to say the least.

But given the fact that welding has been tried, tested and trusted for so many generations, what is it about industrial adhesive products that makes them a superior choice?  Or more importantly, why should you actively consider making the switch for your own business?

1 – Easier to Work With

Well, as previously mentioned there is the way in which custom adhesive products can be exponentially easier to work with.  The media benefit of this being the fact that there is practically no learning curve whatsoever, with regard to required training and education.  With welding, employees will either need plenty of relevant experience or extensive training, in order to get the job done adequately.  With custom adhesive products, it is often almost impossible to get it wrong.  And the easier products like these are to work with, the more consistent and indeed excellent the results that can be expected in turn.  Welding is a demanding and relatively complex process – bespoke industrial adhesives are the exact opposite.

2 – Equally Strong Bonds

As for the all-important matter of bond strength, custom industrial adhesive products are being designed, developed, supplied and used right now which are every bit as strong as welded bonds.  In fact, in some instances they can even be considerably stronger and more versatile as well.  The simple reason being that when you work with traditional welding processes, you are relatively limited with regard to compatible materials.  With industrial adhesives created specifically for your own exact manufacturing purposes, they can be designed to function flawlessly with absolutely any materials and in any circumstances/conditions.  Whatever it is you wish to join, fundamentally flawless joins are always possible with the right adhesive.

3 – Invisible Bonds

Also worth bearing in mind is the improved aesthetic value comes with absolutely invisible bonds.  With traditional welding, even when accompanied by the most meticulous finishing processes possible, it is still very difficult to create truly invisible bonds.  And in instances where near-invisible bonds are possible, it can be a very time consuming and costly process.  With custom adhesives, everything that is required to create a flawless and reliable bond is kept entirely invisible and away from view.  So if aesthetics are of any importance when it comes to whatever it is you are manufacturing, this should also be taken into account.

4 – Reduced Manufacturing Costs

Working with custom adhesives can reduce manufacturing costs in a variety of ways.  First of all, the actual adhesive products themselves are significantly less expensive than those required for any comparable joining methods – welding included.  Secondly, little to no additional equipment is required – certainly not the same extent as the expensive equipment and tools required for welding. Next, there is the way in which training and staffing costs can be significantly reduced, given the way in which no specific experience or expertise may be required.  And of course, the fact that it is possible to speed up the production process while at the same time potentially improve product quality speaks for itself in terms of value.

5 – Improved Health and Safety

Last but not least, welding can – for obvious reasons – be a fundamentally hazardous approach to joining materials.  Even when carried out by those with significant training and experience, it is still impossible to rule potentially catastrophic accidents out of the equation.  By contrast, working with bespoke adhesive products can be significantly safer – particularly when health and safety has been considered during the design and production process of the adhesive itself. 



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Here’s how you can avoid the most common deep drawn problems

Here’s how you can avoid the most common deep drawn problems

When people see a deep drawn finished product, they tend to think that it looks so simple and that it did not take too much time to make it look that way, but they could not have been any more wrong. The deep drawing process is much more complex than it seems and numerous problems may occur while deep drawn cases and other such products are manufactured. Here are some examples of the most common deep drawn problems and how they can be avoided.


Wrinkles (mostly on the top edge)

One very common problem that may occur during the deep drawing manufacturing process is related to wrinkles and it mostly has to do with the blank holder. It may happen for the holder to be unbalanced or too tight which causes the metal to not flow accordingly, thus making wrinkles appear on the top edge. This also happens when the blank presents a burr along the holding edge. It is recommended to check these aspects from the very beginning in order to avoid such problems.

Metal fracture

Another very popular problem in deep drawing is related to metal fracture and there are several causes that can lead to this to happen and one very good example is the clearance between the die and the punch. In case this clearance is too large, too small or is uneven, chances for the metal product to be fractured or cracked during the deep drawing process are quite high, which is why you should check the clearance before the process starts.

Fractures or cracks at the bottom of the cup

The condition of the blank holder and the blank are extremely important in this process because it may happen for fractures to occur at the bottom of the cup. You need to ensure the surface is neither galled, nor nicked, because otherwise, the flow of metal into the die is significantly reduced and the finished product will not meet the specific requirements.

Upper rim is uneven

It is essential that the top rim is concentric and even in order for deep drawn parts to have the desired shape and size. If it happens for this rim to be uneven, it usually results in punch die alignment of poor quality, not to mention that the die draws higher amount of material, which implicitly prevents an even upper rim to be formed.

Excess material

Last but not least, excess material is another very popular problem experts may deal with during the deep drawn manufacturing process. There are two main situations in which this may occur: either the die clearance is smaller than usual, or the material is thicker than it is supposed to be. Regardless the condition, the result is the same: excess material at the top.

All things considered, these are some of the most common deep drawn issues that can occur during the manufacturing process. In case you need the services of a deep drawn company, it is advisable you do some quick online research and select the best one in the industry to benefit from desired results.

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