Bespoke software solutions – how are they developed?

Bespoke software solutions – how are they developed?

At the moment, the domain if information technology is extremely competitive: there are plenty of companies activating in the industry and the demand does not seem to register any decrease. As a consequence, it seems that no business can exist without using a set of dedicated services and solutions. Companies are taking full advantage of software solutions, as it represents the new currency for success. While when it comes to concrete products, the offers are quite similar, providing stakeholders with a qualitative customer experience is more and more dependent on software development. There is, of course, a wide selection of standard packages, but sometimes clients have more specific needs, which is why the subsector belonging to bespoke software has gained a lot of popularity lately. This means that nowadays, web development companies are able to provide custom made products, aimed to address the particular requirements of each and every of their clients.

What is bespoke software?

As with any other product, a custom made piece of software has been created, tailored and adjusted to meet the exact expectations and needs of the person (or company) that has demanded it. The resulting application is usable for a specific purpose exclusively, normally within an organisation or institution. Unlike traditional (also known as off-the-shelve) development solutions, which are more widespread and applicable to a wide variety of domains and business models, bespoke software is way more niched. The product is created only after the developer learns their clients’ needs, wants and of course budget. What is actually special is the fact that the result cannot be resold to another customer.

How are bespoke solutions created?

To begin with, it is important for you to know that custom made software solutions are not necessarily client facing, they can also solve a back office issue. If you are planning to get such services, keep in mind that the entire process starts with identifying the problem or need. After this, you have to design a bespoke database consisting in your business information, so that the developer knows what they are working for. Explain your objectives, action steps, expected results and preferred features, because this will help professionals understand what they have to do. They will assess all the data collected from you and then get to work. A skilled developer who can master a dedicated application tool will be able to create a trial product within days, so that you can test it, offer feedback and fix issues immediately.

Why is bespoke software beneficial?

To begin with, the solution has the great advantage of answering your particular needs and thus solving your specific problems. In addition to this, it gives your business a possibility to outgrown your competitors in a fast and efficient way. The personalised approach is very time and cost saving, as you get what you demand very fast and you only pay for the features you are going to use. All in all, you get to differentiate your business without wasting any resources.

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