The biggest benefits of owning a Fitbit

The biggest benefits of owning a Fitbit

When Fitbit was first announced, many people, athletes included, where sceptical of this device. After all, how could technology and sports, two concept that seem opposites, go hand in hand? However, they were quickly proven wrong by the incredible sales of the fitness band. In as little as a few months, Fitbit become one of the best selling gadgets in its field and, surprisingly, a considerable percentage of its buyers were not athletes. They were regular people who wanted to keep their health in check and become more active. The number of sold Fitbits and fitness wrist bands keeps on growing, so what are the benefits that make them so popular?

Accurate tracking of your physical activities

The simple fact that you can see exactly how active or inactive you are makes you be more aware of your health. With fitness wrist bands, you have a clean overview of what you do every day: total steps, jogging distances, burnt calories and much more. By wearing a small device on your wrist, you no longer need someone to track what you do. All progress is added there and you can check it whenever you like. Based on this accurate data, you can set fitness goals and create an action plan. Unlike phones, Fitbits are more sensitive and record data more accurately, because you wear them on your wrist, not in your pocket.

Stay motivated

Once you set a certain goal on your Fitbit, such as walking at least 10000 steps every day, you will find it much easier to stay motivated. You will want to achieve this goal every day and stay more active. Normally, it’s easy to quit, because you cannot see actual figures telling you that you are lagging behind. But, with a tracking device, you’ll push yourself harder every day.

Cheap accessories

Fitbits aren’t expensive at all, and accessories are even more affordable. Whether you want to add new functions to your gadgets or replace a damaged accessory, you can always go online and find great discounts. For example, if your charger cable is a bit worn, you can check for a replacement. You can also find power banks, band straps, car chargers and much more.

Improve your sleeping habits

Fitbits don’t just track your movement. They also monitor your sleeping pattern, so every morning you will know exactly how much you slept and get insights on the quality of your sleep. Having this data is a great way to go improve your sleeping habits and go to bed earlier.

All-in-one device

Last, but not least, Fitbit is an all-in-one solution for all your fitness needs and, most importantly, it caters for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re just a beginner and want to start taking baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle, or an athlete looking for a device to monitor their performance, this tiny gadget will help you. Or, maybe you are simply a tech enthusiast who wants to collect the latest gadgets on the market. In any case, a Fitbit is a great investment.

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Look for refurbished apple MacBooks in the right places

Look for refurbished apple MacBooks in the right places

Nowadays, laptops are considered among those indispensable devices that make people’s lives a lot easier and that help them stay connected to other people via the internet, although they are in different countries across the globe. However, it might happen sometimes for your MacBook to stop working properly, in which case you should consider buying another one. In order to save some money, you can look for refurbished apple MacBooks, but keep in mind that you have to look for one in the right places in order to ensure that you benefit from the best results, so here are some useful tips to help you with this matter.


The manufacturer – the top choice

The moment you notice that your MacBook is not working properly anymore is also the moment you should consider replacing it with another one. In case you have already decided that a used device is the right choice for you, you should then know that the first place to look for one is the manufacturer itself. Enter their website, check the “refurbished” category available there and search through a wide selection of products for the specific one that matches your needs and budget. According to experts, this is probably the most reliable and safest methods you can resort to.

There are many other reliable retailers on the online market

In case you want a specific model of MacBook that is not available in the manufacturer’s catalogue, the second best option you have is to do some detailed research on the internet and to look for another retailer. You should know that there are many websites where you can find refurbished laptops not only from MacBook, but also from other popular brands, so it is actually worth it to give it a try. However, it is highly important to pay great attention to the retailer you are about to choose, because you have to ensure it is a professional and trust-worthy one if you want to benefit from high quality products. This means that it might be necessary to ask other people for recommendations or to read the “testimonials” section on the retailers’ online platforms to see their previous customers’ opinions regarding their services, since these will help you make the right decision.

Look on other general markets too

Chances for you to not have found the right refurbished MacBook until now are quite low, this is for sure, but in case it happens, the recommended solution for you is to look on other general markets on the internet and some very good examples are Craigslist, Amazon and eBay. These online platforms provide a wide variety of products, not only laptops, but also clothes, furniture and other appliances you might need around the house. In case you decide to go this way, you should ensure the seller you buy your MacBook from is a reliable one and has very good ratings, because this way you avoid any unpleasant situations from happening and you have high chances to acquire a great laptop.

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How does online scheduling software work?

How does online scheduling software work?

Nowadays, technology is present in our lives in multiple forms. From performing devices to specialized applications and pieces of software, these are all aiming to make our life easier. In the business sector, while some time ago, only great companies were implementing software solutions, at the moment things look really different. No business can exist without an automated system, be it a hair salon or restaurant, used mostly for making appointments. What is actually interesting is that lately more and more companies have stated to use this technology, regardless their field of operations. For instance, you are likely to have access to online scheduling software when making an appointment for getting a haircut, dining out, going to the dentist and so on. there are even dedicated hair salon booking applications, extremely useful both for customers and for owners. You may be wondering when traditional agendas have disappeared and how these applications are working, so read on to discover some relevant answers.


Why are booking software applications so popular?

There is a huge fuss about these apps and more and more business owners are starting to use them. In order for you to understand their benefits better, we are going to analyze the situation of hair salons. These establishments are quite crowded and were in great need for such an automated system, experts claim. While planning the upcoming schedule on paper, using a pen and an agenda, can often lead to errors, it seems that the only solution is using a booking piece of software. The product is easy to use and most importantly, it prevents double appointments and gaps during the working program. As soon as a client is scheduled, their place stay occupied and cannot be booked again, unless they give up their appointment. No more errors! In addition to accuracy, another benefit is that the application is time efficient and very easy to use!


Which are the main features of booking software?

Besides automatic schedule, the main function of booking software, the application has many others features. These are all extremely useful for business owners, who can manage their clients, keep better tracking on their services and also have a clear overview of the resources needed in the salon. These are just some of the main capabilities of hair salon booking apps and they are clearly helping streamline businesses all around the world. You should no longer worry about running out of supplies, because this software is going to keep tracking on your behalf, and inform you that you need to stock the salon. In addition to this, it also represents the perfect customer service tool. Taking into consideration that it consists in a special data base that you can use to complete all the details you consider relevant about clients: their contact details, date of birth, common services required and so on. Based on this information, you can create customized packages and other solutions, to keep them enganged.



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Floating speakers – the best gift choice for your geek brother

Floating speakers – the best gift choice for your geek brother

Every year is the same story: your brother’s birthday is approaching and you have no idea what gift to offer him. Buying some clothes or some accessories seems like an overrated idea for you. You can ask him some questions to see if you can figure out what exactly he wants, but you do not want to seem like you have no idea what to offer him. If your brother likes to be up to date with the latest trends in technology, buying him a floating speaker this year might be a great choice. Websites such as can actually help you learn more details about these speakers.  Here is why floating speakers are a great gift to offer.

A great device to listen to music to

Floating speakers are among the latest gadgets that have appeared on the market and are perfect for listening to music at high quality sound. They are wireless, which means that you get rid of that bunch of wires that were spread all over the room every time you were throwing a party. What is more, these devices come with bluetooth connection. You can connect them to any smartphone, tablet or laptop that also has bluetooth connection and start listening to your favorite music.

360-degree sound projection

As it was previously mentioned, these floating speakers provide high quality sound. The greatest advantage of these speakers is the fact that they have no “back” compared to other older speakers, thus allowing the sound to be equally projected throughout the room. This is what the 360-degree sound projection actually means. No matter where you stand in the room, you will hear the music at the same high quality.

Well, they float!

Having such a gadget on your desk is definitely a conversation starter. The idea that it floats and that you can listen to music to at the same time is what makes this device something any geek would want to have.  The floating effect is produced by two built-in magnets, one placed in the ball of the speaker and the other one in its base, and they reject each other the moment you turn the speaker on. When it is turned off, the two magnets attract each other, thus preventing the ball from falling.

They are quite affordable

Another great reason why floating speakers are such a great gift choice is the fact that you can find them at very reasonable prices. You should know that the price range as far as these speakers are concerned is somewhere around $130, depending on the provider. There are numerous providers on the online market willing to offer you floating speakers at affordable prices, so all you have to do is some research on the internet.

Various designs and themes

It is worth mentioning that there is a wide variety of floating speakers on the market, with different designs from which you can choose the one that best matches your brother’s interests and style. For instance, if your brother is a geek and a Star Wars fan, you should look for the floating speaker that is in the shape of the Death Star from this popular film series.

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Reasons to choose a freelancer to design your salon app

Reasons to choose a freelancer to design your salon app

If you are the manager of a beauty salon, you agree to the fact that promoting it and increasing the number of customers is one of the most challenging parts of the business. Besides having well trained and experienced personnel, high quality beauty products and unique décor, you also have to consider the advertising campaign that helps you make the business known to the public. A salon scheduling app, a website and even some accounts on the most popular social networks are definitely going to boost your success. However, you might not be able to design the salon app yourself. Here are the main reasons why you should work with a freelancer instead of an app design company.


It is more cost-effective

One of the main reasons why managers of beauty salons should consider hiring a freelancer to design a salon scheduling app for them instead of an entire company is the fact that it is more cost effective. It is worth mentioning that app design companies have some standard prices they ask for the moment one requires their services, whereas freelancers might be able to negotiate. This is definitely a great advantage, since the manager of the beauty salon can save more money by working with a freelancer.

It is more timesaving

Another reason why freelancers are a better option is that they can provide you the final version of your salon booking app much faster. It is commonly known that companies who provide app design services work with more customers at a time, which might be a disadvantage to you. The designer might not pay the same amount of attention when designing the apps for so many clients at a time as they will do in the case of only one client, not to mention that it might take longer until they provide you the app, since they have to satisfy more clients at a time. On the other hand, a freelancer will work more attentively and there are high chances for you to receive the app sooner than you have expected.

Freelancers might be more interested in your needs

It is important to mention that most app designers who work in big companies might not have enough time to spend and know the interests and the exact needs of their clients. These designers might not ask their clients too many questions and in such cases, the app will go back and forth between these two persons until they agree on a final version of the app. This is definitely not efficient. Freelancers tend to get more details about the interests of their clients, about what they need from an app and when they want it to be ready to use.

As you can see, these are the main reasons why you should consider working with a freelancer in case you want a salon booking app for your beauty salon. Keep in mind that in order to benefit from the best results and have a well-established app, it is necessary to work only with professional designers.

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Why are levitating speakers such a popular choice?

Why are levitating speakers such a popular choice?

Even though it might be hard to believe, all these technological advances have brought major changes in all possible domains, thus leaving not a single thing untouched by technology. This is the case of speakers too. People have managed to design bluetooth speakers that are capable to levitate and more and more people have decided to replace their out of fashion and bulky speakers with these portable ones. Websites such as can be a good source to read reliable reviews about various levitating speakers. Below are the main reasons why people have decided to choose these bluetooth levitating speakers instead of the bigger ones in the past few years.

They are wireless

One of the most important things about these products is that they are wireless. They do not require a bunch of wires in order to work and they do not occupy too much space in the room either, since these speakers are quite small and lightweight and they can be placed even on a desk. These speakers can help you get rid of all those wires that were widespread all over the room each time you had some friends invited at your place. In order to connect these devices to any smartphone or tablet device, you simply have to activate the bluetooth connection and pair the devices. Most levitating speakers have at least the 4.0 bluetooth version, thus making them compatible with android or iOs devices.

They levitate!

In case you are in love with technology and out of the ordinary gadgets, then this levitating speaker should not miss from your collection. The device is specifically designed to attract anyone’s attention and this is actually possible through the levitating effect. These speakers have built-in magnets, both in the speaker orb and the base. These magnets reject each other the moment the two parts are placed in a specific position, thus creating the amazing levitating effect. It is true that it might take some time until you learn how to make the orb levitate, since you have to hold it for a few seconds in a specific way, but the wait is totally worth it. Having a levitating speaker in your own living room or kitchen can now be possible. The price range of these devices is quite accessible compared to other bigger speakers available on the market.

High quality sound

The principle onto which most of these levitating speakers are based is to offer the highest quality sound. These devices have no “back” of the speaker and as a result, the sound is equally projected all over the room. This 360-degree sound projection is something that anyone would want at any party. No matter where you are in the room, you can hear the music loud and clear at the same high quality.

Overall, these are only a few reasons why people have chosen these bluetooth levitating speakers more and more instead of other speakers in the last years. Besides having an amazing design, you can listen to your favorite band at some good quality sound with these speakers.

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