Salon software – the answer to your problems

Salon software – the answer to your problems

The beauty industry is constantly growing because people give more and more importance to their appearance and they want to make a good first impression not only when they must attend important events or they must participate in business meetings, but also when they are walking down the street. Obviously, we agree because it is fundamental to feel and exude confidence in every moment of your life. Therefore, they regularly visit and resort to the services offered by various beauty salons that can improve or completely change their look, depending on their requests. However, we should also think from the salon owner’s perspective. Besides the responsibilities of running a business, his or her job becomes more and more difficult due to the great number of clients.

The struggle

If you have accumulated experience over the years, you probably discovered certain tricks and methods that can simplify your work. However, for a beginner the situation is not the same. Even though you understand the basics of your business, you can still become overwhelmed by your responsibilities or certain situations that do not go as planned. This is understandable because you have to maintain the image and the quality of the services in your salon, know your clients and their preferences, ensure the comfort of your employees, manage every future, in progress and accomplished appointment without neglecting the inventory and your supplier. Moreover, you have to ensure the profit of your business.

The solution

When running a beauty salon, you must have a well-thought plan and perform certain tasks in order to ensure the performance and the profit, starting from the marketing and the accounting to the inventory and providing high quality services for your clients. Fortunately, there are ways that can make your mission easier and if you visit you can find out the necessary information and discover the best solution for your needs. We are all aware that as a business owner you have to deal with unexpected situations and problems that can negatively influence your position on the market and your clients’ opinions about your services. These represent obstacles that you could easily avoid or overcome by using beauty salon software with advanced features.

Choosing a software

Obviously, before choosing the right app that can satisfy your requirements you have to do a thorough research and decide what kind of help you need. First, you should be prepared to make a considerable financial investment because the software has the purpose to bring your business to the next level and guarantee successful results so you have the certainty that your money are well spent. Secondly, analyze various companies in terms of services, reliability, and professionalism and choose a trustworthy and innovative one. In addition, you must explore the benefits provided by the software and there are many. You can easily add detailed information, manage your clients’ appointments and contact them, track your inventory and boost productivity. After you find the needed answers to your questions, you can go ahead and start using software for your beauty salon.

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Cloud backup tips for enterprises

Cloud backup tips for enterprises


The cloud has become essential to businesses, supporting them with their backup process. The truth is that backup date is one of the most important abilities of cloud computing. If you have decided to make the transition from traditional storage solutions to online data backup, you should know that you will have to face some challenges along the way. It is not that enterprise cloud backup is not reliable, but rather that it is necessary to make sure that your data is safe and to prevent troubles. Use the following tips when preparing to manage your data online.

Pay attention to vendor selection

As advantageous as cloud backup services can be, choosing the right vendor is quite a challenge. Not only is there a multitude of vendors available, but also the services vary from one another. Taking into consideration that selecting a third-party provider is one the most important decisions that you will make for your enterprise it is imperative to do your homework. You have to make efforts in order to find a vendor with which you can build a trusting relationship. More precisely, you have to look for a company that is dedicated to the cloud services and that carefully considers the needs of your business. However, this is something that you should be doing as well. Evaluate your needs and see which vendor is able to accommodate the number of files and databases you have.

Understand what the existing service covers

There is no doubt that cloud providers do a good job when it comes to protecting your business information, but attention should be paid to the fact that their action stops at some point. Be sure to understand if the provider protects your data. This basically means the vendor has to ensure the security of the data as it travels from your business over the Internet and to the server. Equally important is to have guarantee that your data will be restored in case it is lost. You should not make the mistake of thinking that the vendor will assist you should such a disaster happen.

Making backup a priority

The rule of thumb states that you have to have more than one backup, which means that copying your files and databases only once is not necessary. Some services offer continuous support for your system, but others have a predetermined plan. It is essential to set the backup to start at a certain time daily. The point is that your information should always be backed up.


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Bespoke software solutions – how are they developed?

Bespoke software solutions – how are they developed?

At the moment, the domain if information technology is extremely competitive: there are plenty of companies activating in the industry and the demand does not seem to register any decrease. As a consequence, it seems that no business can exist without using a set of dedicated services and solutions. Companies are taking full advantage of software solutions, as it represents the new currency for success. While when it comes to concrete products, the offers are quite similar, providing stakeholders with a qualitative customer experience is more and more dependent on software development. There is, of course, a wide selection of standard packages, but sometimes clients have more specific needs, which is why the subsector belonging to bespoke software has gained a lot of popularity lately. This means that nowadays, web development companies are able to provide custom made products, aimed to address the particular requirements of each and every of their clients.

What is bespoke software?

As with any other product, a custom made piece of software has been created, tailored and adjusted to meet the exact expectations and needs of the person (or company) that has demanded it. The resulting application is usable for a specific purpose exclusively, normally within an organisation or institution. Unlike traditional (also known as off-the-shelve) development solutions, which are more widespread and applicable to a wide variety of domains and business models, bespoke software is way more niched. The product is created only after the developer learns their clients’ needs, wants and of course budget. What is actually special is the fact that the result cannot be resold to another customer.

How are bespoke solutions created?

To begin with, it is important for you to know that custom made software solutions are not necessarily client facing, they can also solve a back office issue. If you are planning to get such services, keep in mind that the entire process starts with identifying the problem or need. After this, you have to design a bespoke database consisting in your business information, so that the developer knows what they are working for. Explain your objectives, action steps, expected results and preferred features, because this will help professionals understand what they have to do. They will assess all the data collected from you and then get to work. A skilled developer who can master a dedicated application tool will be able to create a trial product within days, so that you can test it, offer feedback and fix issues immediately.

Why is bespoke software beneficial?

To begin with, the solution has the great advantage of answering your particular needs and thus solving your specific problems. In addition to this, it gives your business a possibility to outgrown your competitors in a fast and efficient way. The personalised approach is very time and cost saving, as you get what you demand very fast and you only pay for the features you are going to use. All in all, you get to differentiate your business without wasting any resources.

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