Floating speakers – the best gift choice for your geek brother

Floating speakers – the best gift choice for your geek brother

Every year is the same story: your brother’s birthday is approaching and you have no idea what gift to offer him. Buying some clothes or some accessories seems like an overrated idea for you. You can ask him some questions to see if you can figure out what exactly he wants, but you do not want to seem like you have no idea what to offer him. If your brother likes to be up to date with the latest trends in technology, buying him a floating speaker this year might be a great choice. Websites such as floating-speakers.com can actually help you learn more details about these speakers.  Here is why floating speakers are a great gift to offer.

A great device to listen to music to

Floating speakers are among the latest gadgets that have appeared on the market and are perfect for listening to music at high quality sound. They are wireless, which means that you get rid of that bunch of wires that were spread all over the room every time you were throwing a party. What is more, these devices come with bluetooth connection. You can connect them to any smartphone, tablet or laptop that also has bluetooth connection and start listening to your favorite music.

360-degree sound projection

As it was previously mentioned, these floating speakers provide high quality sound. The greatest advantage of these speakers is the fact that they have no “back” compared to other older speakers, thus allowing the sound to be equally projected throughout the room. This is what the 360-degree sound projection actually means. No matter where you stand in the room, you will hear the music at the same high quality.

Well, they float!

Having such a gadget on your desk is definitely a conversation starter. The idea that it floats and that you can listen to music to at the same time is what makes this device something any geek would want to have.  The floating effect is produced by two built-in magnets, one placed in the ball of the speaker and the other one in its base, and they reject each other the moment you turn the speaker on. When it is turned off, the two magnets attract each other, thus preventing the ball from falling.

They are quite affordable

Another great reason why floating speakers are such a great gift choice is the fact that you can find them at very reasonable prices. You should know that the price range as far as these speakers are concerned is somewhere around $130, depending on the provider. There are numerous providers on the online market willing to offer you floating speakers at affordable prices, so all you have to do is some research on the internet.

Various designs and themes

It is worth mentioning that there is a wide variety of floating speakers on the market, with different designs from which you can choose the one that best matches your brother’s interests and style. For instance, if your brother is a geek and a Star Wars fan, you should look for the floating speaker that is in the shape of the Death Star from this popular film series.

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