Here is everything you need to know about gaskets

Here is everything you need to know about gaskets

Gaskets are versatile and resilient mechanical seals, yet they are significantly undervalued. What a seal does is ensure the function and durability of your car. Practically, it plays the most important role in the performance of your car: not only does it protect the interior components from impurities, but it also prevents these impurities from polluting the environment. Although mechanical seals are mainly used in the automotive industry, the need for strong seals is also present in other industries as well. To convince yourself, visit and find out where are gaskets needed so desperately. But since mechanical seals are such an important car component, you should be learning more about its function.

What a gasket is used for

Gaskets are commonly referred to as ‘joints’ or ‘seals’ and their role is to create a seal between two parts. This means that the mechanical seal can prevent both gas and fluids from leaking during high temperatures or even pressure changes.  The seals are usually placed between surfaces that are brought together and that cannot form a tight covering on their own. In order to ensure a tight seal, gaskets have to be compatible with the joining surfaces, reason why most of times soft materials like rubber are used.

Types of gaskets according to material

As a general rule, mechanical seals inherit the properties of the materials from which they are manufactured. The materials are selected based on the ability to withstand certain chemicals (like acids) or extreme temperatures and pressure. The most common types of gaskets are:

– Rubber gaskets are made from a wide range of elastomers, including neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and of course natural rubber. Mechanical seals manufactured from soft materials are generally used for applications such as pipes, heat exchangers and manways.

– Cork gaskets offer a higher degree of flexibility and compression. This is why they are used for applications that involve oil, solvents or fuel.

– Non-asbestos gaskets are made from compressed fibres combined with an elastomer binding. Common applications include steam water, acid and oil.

Industries in which gaskets are used

The reason why the vast majority of people do not appreciate gaskets like they should is that they are probably unaware of the importance that they have. Since seals can perform a number of functions, they are used to a high extent in industries such as the automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronic. Mechanical seals keep foreign objects away from the operating mechanism.  However, mechanical seals are successfully used for engines or pumps. They ensure that the parts are perfectly sealed and that the engine’s performance is not disrupted.

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