Original print heads – the key to quality prints

Original print heads – the key to quality prints


Print heads are the most important element of any wide format printer, the quality of the prints depending on it. Regardless for what you are using your printer, either personal use or for business purposes, you probably want to benefit from great results in terms of prints. Opting for an original print head for your printer, such as Spectra Galaxy 256 30 pl print head, can significantly improve the resolution of your prints. If you have noticed that your printer does not offer you the high quality results it used to, then perhaps it is time to replace your print head.



Opting for an original print head of high quality can seem expensive at first, but the investment is certainly worth it, especially if you are using your printer on a regular basis. The performance of your printing device depends primarily on the print head’s characteristics and features. This is the main reason why purchasing an original item over a counterfeit one is the best option. A reliable supplier will put at your disposal a wide range of quality print heads that can be suitable for different environments, either commercial or industrial, being an adequate choice for personal usage as well.

Ink compatibility

If you have noticed that the quality of your prints is starting slowly to decrease, even if you only use top quality ink, then the problem certainly comes from the print head. Either you have chosen a cheaper item or you have not replaced it in a long period of time, making a new investment is necessary if you want the printing results to meet your expectations. Ink compatibility is a detail that you need to pay close attention to, when making a new purchase. An original print head will offer you variety concerning this matter, and this is why opting for a cheaper alternative is not recommended. Take as an example Spectra Galaxy 256 30 pl print head, which is compatible with more than one jetting fluids, including organic solvent and UV curable. Think about what printing requirements you have, and look for a print head that can meet these needs.


One of the reasons why original print heads will always be a better choice than other alternatives is because they have properly designed features incorporated, meant to provide maximum operating efficiency. You should carefully check out all important characteristics, such as drop variation and size, nozzle diameter and spacing or viscosity range, before deciding on a particular print head. If you want to see an improvement in your photo-print quality or resolution, replacing your entire printer is not necessary, because just by reinstalling a new print head you will be able to notice a huge difference. Comprehending the great importance of this component is the first step you need to take. Therefore, if you think that your printer does not bring you acceptable results, start looking for a reliable supplier and choose an original print head that is compatible with your printer.

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