Rubber sheets– the perfect choice for your application

Rubber sheets– the perfect choice for your application

A rubber sheet is a piece made of rubber, which has the property of negating fall damage because it bounces the item as it falls. It is effective for items that fall from a height of 15 blocks. It can also be used in many industrial sectors, because it can has insulator properties. Rubber sheets are widely use because they can be cut, molded and folded with ease. They can be customised according to certain requirements. Rubber sheet Ottawa is used to provide protection and sealing in different situations.

Types of rubber sheets and their properties

The usage of rubber sheets is increasing nowadays, because they are a cheaper alternative. They are used in many industrial sectors because they are efficient and cost-effective. Some types of rubber sheets are more used than others, because they are flexible enough to suit different purposes. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of rubber sheets, and they feature different specifications and designs. They are manufactured in different ways, and this is why they are divided into several types. There are neoprene rubber sheets, which offer great resistance to heat, oil, flame, acid, petroleum products and ageing. Natural rubber sheets have mechanical and rebound properties. EPDM sheets are suited for being used in high zone environmental applications and outdoor, because they are very resistant to ketones, acids and alkali. A special type if the silicon one, which has low permeability and is resistant to high temperatures. They are used in Pharmaceutical industry. Nitrile sheets are manufactured for being used to seal solvent or oil products.

Usage of rubber sheets

Rubber sheets are commonly used in flooring applications, and they provide great resistance to a wide range of substances. They can be used to seal oxidizing elements, petroleum, oils, or ultraviolet lights. They have the ability of maintaining their form in cold temperatures, and this property makes them perfect for being used in many industrial sectors. They are working in marine, automotive defence or orthopedic footwear and sand blasting curtains. Rubber gaskets are similar products that became mandatory for the all kind of industries. They have amazing sealing properties and are resistant to ozone, wear, ageing, and weather influences. Windows manufacturers commonly use them, because stains do not affect them, and they are colour stable. Rubber sheets are applicable in various domains, because they are produced by mixing only high quality synthetic and natural rubber.

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